The soulless bodies

When the things are beheld they are stabilized in their spatial- temporal stances. They are motionless, breathless and soulless. The soulless of things is achieved throughour viewpoint logic projection; seeing without visual sense. The mind thinks of creating a viewpoint that is existing for itself. However, when this logic is interrupted by peripheral extras the things becomefree from the merely geometric identities and move inside their spatial- temporal space. The border among them and the determined scopes and lines around them are vanquished and they flow inside each other. Then, bottles, skulls, and beaks are not themselves anymore rather they are something reminiscence. They are empty spaces reminding absent correlated of themselves. A narrative of their manipulations toward the future. The things ask: do you remember us? Remember that you become yourselves inside of us? Do you know that we are your exposition memory?


Shervin Taheri